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Doxicity follows Semantic Versioning . Breaking changes will not be accepted until the next major version. As such, all contributions must consider the project’s roadmap and take this into consideration. Features that are deemed no longer necessary will be deprecated but not removed.


  • Fixed a bug in the search plugin that caused the build to fail due to a missing JS file


  • Added scripts and styles hooks to the plugin API to make it easier to add global CSS/JS
  • Added the sharedScripts and sharedStyles config options to allow the location of shared files to be customized
  • Added a CLI command npm run docs:dev do make it easier to update the docs locally
  • Improved search plugin theming
  • Improved sidebar behavior on docs website
  • Moved plugins into separate folders
  • Removed the dev server because it can’t know when the config changes (this should be moved to the proposed CLI)
  • Switched from text labels to icons and added default styles to the copy code plugin
  • Updated existing plugins to use the new scripts and styles plugin API


  • Added the {{slugify}} helper
  • Added handlers for SIGINT, SIGTERM, and SIGQUIT to smoothly stop processes when exiting
  • Added check for ambiguous partial files
  • Added support for websites located in subdirectories #7
  • Added the startPath option to serve()
  • Added the ignore option to the external links plugin
  • Added config as the last param for all plugin hooks
  • Added docs
  • Improved the copy code plugin and added the copiedLabel property
  • Removed the requirement of baseUrl starting with http:// or https://
  • Updated the readme
  • Many more changes that I neglected to log…please see the updated docs for more info! 🫠


  • Added Doxicity.resolve() static method
  • Changed pageFilter() config option to filterPages()
  • Removed the CLI and added Doxicity.serve() as an alternative
  • Updated examples to use fully resolved paths as a best practice


  • Added baseUrl config option
  • Added ConfigError
  • Added built-in helpers
  • Added early version of the new CLI
  • Fixed a bug that caused assets to be incorrectly copied into a flat directory structure
  • Improved error handling when reading source files
  • The afterAll plugin hook now provides DoxicityPublishResult as its argument instead of DoxicityPage[]


  • Rewritten to improve flexibility and separate templates from the core library
  • Temporarily removed the CLI